• I came to know about Sanjeevan from a friend whose son was Colourblind and who wanted to become a pilot. His treatment in Sanjeevan helped him to recover and fulfil his dream.
    Hence i decided to consult Dr & Mrs Goyal for my excessive blinking issue, Dry eyes and Sight Improvement. Miraculously the treatment I was made to do did help me and cure my problem. The Staff at Sanjeevan is Excellent, Skilled and ensures that Patients are doing the Treatment Sincerely.
    I will definitely recommend anyone for eye treatment in Sanjeevan.Thanking everyone at Sanjeevan for their support during my treatment.

  • Mr. Harish Thakkar | 53 years | March 2014 | Presbyopia with Dry Eyes

    I Mr. H. A.Thakkar suffering from dry eyes, tinkering of left eyes. I started the natural exercise with the guidance of Dr.K.K.Goyal & Dr.Suman Goyal. I feel better within then days and improvement found almost 50% still treatment is to be continued so I hope it will be cure 100% with thanks

  • Ms. Payal Sharma | 11 years | May 2012 | Iris Colodoma and Astigmatism

    It’s very good, Parul eyesight was weak when she came first time. Now its improved.