• Harshal Malhotra | 53 years | January 2019 | Specs Vision”]

    I am Harshal suffering from dry eyes. Started the treatment at Sanjeevan from Mr. Dr. K.K. Goyal and the eye exercises have helped me improve my vision. Thanks to the staff and doctors at Sanjeevan. 

  • Vihaan Talla | 11 years | January 2019 | Specs Vision”]

    My son, Vihaan had specs with high numbers before coming to Sanjeevan and got to know about Sanjeevan from one of our friend. My son has attained 6/6 partial vision which is a good achievement and we had specially come for this treatment before from Singapore, 1 day  I had come late to collect my son the staff took good care. Sanjeevan clinic is an asset in short thank you to the team. 

  • Ms. Surbhi Sachdeva | 52 years | January 2020 | Crystalline Retinopathy 



  • Ms. Anmol Nagra | 9 years | January 2020 | Rod-Cone Dystrophy

  • =”Ms. Neeena Varasi | 22 years | November 2018 | Rod-Cone Dystrophy’]

    I am Neena from tanjavur, suffering from Rod-Con Distrophy. Before I was not able to read the board, I slipped many time walking, I was not able to identify colors. This problem destroyed my life, many doctors told me that there is no cure for this. I was heartbroken, then one day I was searching on youtube for this problem and came to know about Sanjeevan hospital. I consulted at Sanjeevan and doctor told me it is curable that also naturally. I felt very surprised and happy. After completion of one session of treatment, I was able to read the letters which was not at all possible before. I was not able to see from my right eye, but now my right eye has little vision. I can even identify colors now. I am trying to walk alone now, without any support. I thank each and every one behind my progress.

  • =”Mr. Devendra Singh | 34 years | November 2018 | Retinal Detachment and High Myopia”]

    I was very much depressed before coming to here I had less vision in both of my eyes and after starting the treatment I can see the positive results. I am confident enough do anything after coming here. The staff are very polite and kind Thank you to the doctors and all the team of Sanjeevan. 

  • =”Yash Mehta | 8 years | October 2018 | Vision and Specs”]

    My son Yash Mehta was having vision issues before joining Sanjeevan after regular exercises his vision is improved by 6/6 and his number was also removed. The staff members at Sanjeevan are very helpful and Mrs. Suman Goyal is also kind. Thanks to all of them for helping us.

  • Ms. Vaidehi Raut | 48 years | December 2018 | Dry Eyes/Weak Eyesight
    I came to know about Sanjeevan from a friend whose son was Colourblind and who wanted to become a pilot. His treatment in Sanjeevan helped him to recover and fulfil his dream.
    Hence i decided to consult Dr & Mrs Goyal for my excessive blinking issue, Dry eyes and Sight Improvement. Miraculously the treatment I was made to do did help me and cure my problem. The Staff at Sanjeevan is Excellent, Skilled and ensures that Patients are doing the Treatment Sincerely.
    I will definitely recommend anyone for eye treatment in Sanjeevan.Thanking everyone at Sanjeevan for their support during my treatment.

  • Mr. Harish Thakkar | 53 years | March 2014 | Presbyopia with Dry Eyes

    I Mr. H. A.Thakkar suffering from dry eyes, tinkering of left eyes. I started the natural exercise with the guidance of Dr.K.K.Goyal & Dr.Suman Goyal. I feel better within then days and improvement found almost 50% still treatment is to be continued so I hope it will be cure 100% with thanks

  • Ms. Payal Sharma | 11 years | May 2012 | Iris Colodoma and Astigmatism

    It’s very good, Parul eyesight was weak when she came first time. Now its improved.