Sanjeevan – For Perfect Eyesight is the brainchild of Drs. K. K. and Suman Goyal. With a combined experience of more than 45 years, the Goyals believe that no ailment of the eye is untreatable. After distilling their veritable experience and through painstaking research, they have devised non-invasive and non-surgical techniques based on proprietary natural therapeutic procedures for most eye disorders.

The only eye care centre in the world that treats Color Blindness, Sanjeevan has successfully treated more than 1500 such cases. Many of these beneficiaries are now serving in the Armed Forces as well as in commercial aviation and merchant navy; career options traditionally unavailable to individuals with color blindness.
Catering to a truly global clientele, Sanjeevan has been giving excellent service for more than a decade to people with eye problems and to those who are proactive enough to make their eye sights healthy and free them of any future ailments. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with various eye ailments, most of which are considered untreatable by allopathic medicine, like Colour Blindness, Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigpentosa, Presbyopia, Amblyopia (Lazy Eyes), Rod-Cone Dystrophies, etc.

We possess the only CAD (Color Assessment and Diagnosis) test machine in India that provides the most comprehensive test for color blindness in the world. Our state-of-the-art eye care facilities are currently at two locations in Mumbai (Borivali and Chembur). We are also equipped for online consultation.

Our Approach

We do not provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach to treating eye disorders. Every patient gets a customized treatment regimen suitable to his bodily constitution.

The coming era is that of alternative medical therapies. A frenzied lifestyle has all but exposed the limitations of contemporary medical treatment methods and all around the world people are looking with hope at alternative medicine. Sanjeevan, with its tried and tested therapeutic procedures, is all set to be the harbinger of an age of safe, effective and completely natural therapy for eye ailments. (We give treatment which bring about genetic change which ensures permanent results and also treatment of hereditary disorders which is deemed untreatable by traditional medical science)


Our Center