Colour Blindness is a misnomer because people with this condition are neither blind nor are they not able to distinguish any colors. On the contrary, they have absolutely normal eyesight with the inability to perceive equally all the colors of the visible spectrum. This condition is more appropriately called Color Vision deficiency (CVD). It is a genetic condition afflicting around 8-12 % males and 0.5 – 1 % females.

Red/Green CVD is the most common type of CVD and occurs in around 99% of CVD cases. This condition does not allow the person to distinguish reds and greens correctly. Blue/Yellow CVD is far less common and is associated with problems in correctly identifying blue and yellow colours. Many-a-times, the symptoms are mild enough for a person to identify their CVD condition.

The treatment procedures at Sanjeevan are developed in such a way that they help the entire visual apparatus, viz., the lens, cone cells, ciliary muscles, retina and the optic nerve, to help it correct itself so as to treat the specific ailment and also improve visual acuity.

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