Electro Acupuncture offers significant, measurable benefits on residual visual functions in patients with retinitis pigmentosa. Various doctors and institutes have conducted numerous amounts of research on the effects of electro acupuncture on cases of retinitis pigmentosa. Modern clinical research conducted by Dr. Rosenfarb at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA suggests that adding electro acupuncture to an acupuncture protocol improves the probability of positive results in cases of retinitis pigmentosa. The study showed a significant growth in improvement of vision and signs of improvement in vision in dim or dark environments.
Retinitis Pigmentosa is an inherited, degenerative eye disease; studied in the group of retinal dystrophies that causes severe vision impairment and leads to blindness.

With RP, cells in the retina called rods and cones die. With most forms of RP, rods — which are mainly in the outer regions of the retina and are responsible for our peripheral and night vision — degenerate first. When the retina’s more centrally-located cones are affected, the result is loss of color perception and central (reading) vision.
The progress of RP is variable; while some patients with RP indicate the symptoms of disease in early years of life others may realize the symptoms in their later stages of life. In general;patients, showing the symptoms in later stages of life have more rapid deteriorations compared to others. But this is of course not a rule; we have also come across many young patients before their 20’s with a very narrow visual field and low vision acuity.

Take the case of S. Sivaprakash Reddy, a B.Tech Engineer from Andhra Pradesh who was suffering from retinitis pigmentosa since the year 2001. He started losing his vision in 2011 and it got extremely difficult for him to go by his daily conduct. He had trouble with reading and writing, along with recognizing people. At Sanjeevan-For Perfect Eyesight, he was administered a treatment which was a combination of natural vision improvement programs, electro acupuncture and anti-oxidant injections. Electro acupuncture increases the circulation to the retina. The treatment led to his vision improvement, with great recovery in his peripheral vision. The treatment helped in getting rid of photophobia. Not only did it help improve his vision but the treatment also led to ceasing further degeneration of the retina. Along with that, he started reading, writing and was now able to recognize people along with travel without anyone’s assistance. Similarly there are numerous other cases that we have treated at Sanjeevan which have demonstrated significant improvements.

For certain ophthalmic conditions involving severely impaired circulation and reduced optic nerve and/or photoreceptor nerve-cell activity, doctors have found that electro-acupuncture methods yield excellent results. Eye conditions that seem to respond favorably to electro acupuncture include RP, Dry AMD, Optic Atrophy, Retinal Detachment, Retinal Occlusions, Normal Tension Glaucoma and Lazy Eye.