At Sanjeevan, we believe that holistic medicine is the best way forward for Ophthalmology as many eye disorders do not have a definitive treatment in modern medicine. The treatment procedures followed at Sanjeevan are based on the revolutionary methods devised by the American physician Dr. William H Bates, MD (1860-1931). The globally renowned “Bates method” has been enriched upon by the R&D efforts of the doctors at Sanjeevan.

The combination of doctors at Sanjeevan from various fields of modern ophthalmology, conventional allopathic medicine and alternative medicine has been a perfect example of how combining different fields of medicine (holistic) can bring about excellent results in problems that can only be treated to certain extent using a single field of medicine.

The system that has been devised at Sanjeevan is a proprietary holistic system that includes vision therapy, eye exercises, electro-acupuncture, micro-acupuncture, oxygen therapy, Ayurveda, nutrition, natural nutritional supplements and also in some cases, allopathic medicine.  The revolutionary techniques have brought an excellent success rate at Sanjeevan.

The treatments are completely non-invasive, non-surgical and extremely safe without any side-effects. The techniques have been successful in treating patients of all age groups. Patients have hailed this system as holding true miraculous values as many untreatable eye disorders have been treated at Sanjeevan by the efforts of their Doctors and highly trained staff.