The treatment procedures followed at Sanjeevan are based on the revolutionary alternative medicine methods devised by American Physician Dr. William Horatio Bates, M. D. (1860 – 1931). The globally-renowned “Bates method” has been improved upon by the tireless R&D efforts of Dr. K. K. and Suman Goyal through the years.

The husband-wife duo complements each other in their vocations and experience. While Dr. K. K. Goyal has worked in the allopathic system of medicine and has come to realize its many limitations in treating medical conditions, Dr. Suman Goyal did her post graduation (M. D.) in Alternative Medicine and she also holds a Diploma in Naturopathy.
The new system that has been devised at Sanjeevan is a proprietary system and it includes holistic care of the eye through natural food supplements, eye exercises and the alleviation of stress. This revolutionary technique has brought in a 100% success rate in Sanjeevan.

The system devised at Sanjeevan is non-invasive, non-surgical and extremely safe. It has been successfully used to treat patients of all age groups and has zero side effects. Patients have hailed this system as a true miracle since many supposedly incurable vision defects have been corrected by the efforts of the Goyals and they have been hailed as modern-day Medical Magicians.