* Name of patients changed to maintain their privacy


  • Swati Gupta | 44 years | August 2022

    At the outset I would like to thank the doctors and staff  at Sanjeevan for Perfect Eyesight for their guidance and support. Before joining this I used to get headaches after reading and however after joining the treatment  there is an improvement in my vision. The eye exercises taught in the course is simple and result oriented.  I wish Sanjeevan all the success in future. 

  • Santosh Jadhav | 42 years | July 2022

    I lived in a village and there I’ve went to many doctors for Cataract but they said surgery is the only option. I was having 2nd stage of Cataract. One of my friend recommended me about Sanjeevan. I came here and consulted with Dr. K.K. Goyal and Dr. Suman Goyal they said this condition can be recovered we can treat this and when I started my treatment here at Sanjeevan I can see changes in my vision and lens. I can see clearly now. I am thankful to the doctors and staff. 

  • Dharmesh Jain | 56 years | June 2022

    I am working in a stock market company. My job is to sit in computer continuously for 5-6 hours in a dark room. Due to this my eyes problem has started and my right eye was severely affected. But when I contacted Dr. Goyal and I joined the Sanjeevan with one month of  exercises and natural nutritional supplements  by Dr. Goyal my right eye was recovered almost 70-80%. Also the exercises are fantastic, doing gives a lot of peace to mind after hectic work. So the exercises are not just good for eyes but also for the peacefulness of mind. I honestly thank to Dr. Goyal for showing me the right way of treatment without surgery . 

  • Sangeeta Pawar | 54 years | May 2022

    Hi, what a wonderful experience never knew that just by moving your eyes blinking and doing relaxing exercises it can make wonders to your eyesight.  Very well thought and staff is excellent. They guide you through all the exercises with utmost care. Really grateful to the doctors and staff. 

  • Iqra Khan | 35 years | April 2022

    I am Iqra Khan and I am from Chiplun. I’ve had cataracts and my head used to pain a lot and every single time I used to take the medicines. I got to know about Sanjeevan and met doctors and they have treated me very and my vision has been improved. Today I can see very well and now I don’t have headaches and also I don’t need medicines. Thank you to the doctors they have given me a ray of hope. I hope that every patient can be here and may god bless doctors and all staff. 

  • Ms. Shaileja Samel | 74 years | May 2005
    I am undergoing treatment from 2005. I had came to Sanjeevan For Perfect Eyesight for my eye treatment when I was diagnosed Cataract by 10 eye specialists and asked to undergo operation for the same. But I was not eager for getting operated as I believe in
    going NATURAL,with faith in DR.Goyal and MRS.DR Goyal after almost 14 years of treatment my vision has impact improved and day by day there is an improvement in my vision.
    Thank You Doctor.
  • Mr. Rajendra Kumar | 28 years | March 2018
    I am Suffering Cataract & Very High Myopia I have found any treatment for my problem and I got known about the Sanjeevan from my relatives then, I came to Sanjeevan. After joining Sanjeevan For Perfect Eyesight my vision got improved by doing treatment regularly. I am so happy after joined at Sanjeevan and specially Thanks to Dr.K.K.Goyal and Dr.Suman Goyal.
  • Ms. Shruti Mahadik | 18 years | April 2018
    It was a very wonderful and good experience. I just can’t imagine the journey was too good and easy. It was just a eye blinking Journey. I had Cataract Problem since 4th Standard and now I am in FY. It have just gone completely within 7 months of my journey and its truly unexpectable. It improved so drastically that my dad was very shocked and he had never thought that my eyes will improve so drastically and fast.
    The day since he knew that I am having Cataract he was searchin for the treatment but he wanted to avoid Operation. One day he searched in Google for the treatment and he found about Sanjeevan For Perfect Eyesight and very next day he visited here. And after the treatment the result is in front of us.
    I am very happy about this result and Satisfied.
  • Mr. Parab Gunjani | 74 years | Feb 2018

    Thanks to Dr and Mrs Goyal for improvement in my eyesight. I joined Sanjeevan on 7/2/18 for improvement in eye and I would say that now it is improved from 6/36 to 6/12 right eye and 6/12 to 6/9 left eye without specs as on 5/6/18. Normally before I was not able to read or write properly but now I can read and write smoothly. Thanks to both Doctors and staff of Sanjeevan for improving my vision and obliged.

  • Mr. Raman Pothuri | September 2016

    The treatment given at Sanjeevan is very effective and beneficial to regain vision. The Premises are very pleasant and the staff is very duty minded and care taking.

  • Ms Oviya Fernandes | December 2010 | Lattice degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataract

    When I arrived at Sanjeevan, I had blurry spells, 6/36 vision floaters and flashers. I was diagnosed with glaucoma on the 27th if September 2009 at that time I had lost a large proportion of my vision in my left eye and my right eye had 6/5 corrected vision. My intraocular pressure in my left eye was 65mm Hg up to disk ratio of 0.9 with cupping. My right eye intraocular pressures was 30mmtlg .Inadequately controlled by drops, surgery was done in my left eye on 26th November 2009 , the top then reduced to 12mmHg.

    My right IOP was creeping higher, disk cupped and surgery was done. During surgery there was a corneal tear and leak coupled with a bleb leak. This meant my intraocular pressures dropped below zero and my vision was 6/60 although it improved to 6/15 + , there were more leaks which developed and my bleb failed .A repeat trabeculectomy was necessitated. During the entire 4 months post- operative period, steroids were given to control the healing process. These steroids led to formation of a posterior subcapsular cataract and lattice degeneration. After a month- long programme my vision has improved markedly from 6/36 to 6/6+.
    I am extremely grateful to the amazing team of Sanjeevan and I can’t wait to give my doctor in New Zealand shock of his life….
    Wish everyone doing this programme the very best of luck.

  • Mrs. Shalini Samel | 67 years | May 2005

    Five years back my vision had become weak. Then I went to more than eight to nine eye specialists.
    I was told that cataract had developed in both my eyes and I have to undergo surgery. I was disheartened. I believed in naturopathy but I am optimist and it is said “to an optimist all doors have handles and hinges” and accordingly I knocked the door of “Sanjeevan”.
    What delights me to tell you all is that it is only a MIRACLE THAT INSPITE OF CATARACT,my number has REDUCED AND I CAN SEE MORE BETTER THAN BEFORE.
    I AM GRATEFUL TO MR & MRS DR GOYAL for their support and co-operation that helped me lot and once again I have gained my lost confidence.
    Apart from that, the atmosphere of the centre is pleasant and homely. The staff members are also helpful and co-operative.
    (27thDec’12)- I would like to tell you, that Dr R. Mehta, an eye Specialist advised me not to Operate and she made me really tension free.