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  • Abhishek Sinha | 20 years | August 2018
    I have lazy eye. I figured it out during on eye test when I was 8 years old. At that time one Dr. told me to do patching but I was not able to do it and several other doctor told me to leave and forget about it. Your vision in left eye isn’t going to improve. As time passed I started feeling headache and difficulty in working. I was searching on google about the treatment of lazy eye. I found out about Sanjeevan for perfect eyesight. I called and explained the problem the response came from them was yes, it can be treated. After coming here Dr. Suman Goyal did the checkup and said yes, your vision can improve naturally. I was suggested to certain treatment here for 10-15 days then I can continue it further and now my left eye vision is 6/24, without glasses and 6/18 with glasses. After 6 months of treatment. I must say the staff of Sanjeevan is very helpful and I will continue this program remotely as per the guidance given by team of Sanjeevan. I will visit again for follow up.