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  • Mr. V. Shankar | 47 years | October 2020 | Optic Neuritis
  • Srianusha Thatakura | 20 years | July 2018 | Optic Neuritis

    I’ve had a good experience in the past few days & my hope of recovery has increased. I am very optimistic about my improvement after I have started with the theraphy here.
    I got some useful tips & my overall lifestyle changes will help me.
    The Doctors & staff are very friendly & helpful, they have been constantly motivating me. The Treatment is very simple & I have been easily able to do them.

  • H. ASHAI | Optic Atrophy

    I came here from Kashmir (J&K). My eye was damaged due to accident in Kashmir. There was 60% Eye sight weak. I joined SANJEEVAN eye school now on 6th March, 2006. I am leaving for Kashmir I feel much much better and my eye sight is 80% good. I thank to Dr. Goyal and Dr. Suman Goyal. They had taken best care of mine & gave me best treatment during 1 and1/2 months. I also thank to SANJEEVAN staff. They all are very nice & cooperative. Now I am leaving from Mumbai but I will always remember Mrs. Goyal, Dr. Goyal and all staff of Sanjeevan eye school.
    I again thank to Dr. Goyal, Dr. Suman Goyal, staff & I invite to them come to our home land Kashmir and see “Paradise on Earth”
    Thank You.

  • Mrs. Bushra Khan | 32 years | August 2006

    I would like to thank all the Doctors and staff of Sanjeevan for my sisters eye sight. I had lost all hopes and my family too.We tried our level best for her eye sight because she had lost both her eyes. We showed her to all the possible doctors in Mumbai and still had no hopes. We went to Bombay Hospital,Hinduja Hospital and all the possible eye doctors. We also went to Madras at Shankar Netralay and were very dissopointed there when they told that she will not get her eye sight back. Thanks to Dr. Sahiba who was so tensed about her and told us about Sanjeevan School for Perfect Eye Sight and introduced us to the Doctors here.Now there is so much of difference in her that she can see and she is very happy now.Thanks to all of them.