* Name of patients changed to maintain their privacy


  • Aditya Rane | 6  years | August 2015

    I fell very happy and confident. My son can read the whole chart now without specs his vision has improved a lot than earlier when we came here for the treatment thanks to Dr. K.K. Goyal and Dr. Suman Goyal.

  • Chelsia John | 6.5  years | July 2015

    Belief is the crucial part of exercise. My daughter has been wearing specs for 1 year and bringing her and doing the exercises has helped her and me to believe naturally can improve vision. It is an excellent concept known to all for along time. We thank the staff and doctors for the amazing treatment. 

  • Anupama Shrivastav | 34 years | June 2015

    I am Anupama and  I came at Sanjeevan for Perfect  Eyesight for my eyes problem I was facing difficulty in seeing or reading anything but when I joined the treatment in the 15 days my vision got improved as well with the help of eye exercises I can see clearly. Previously I had numbers but now I can see everything clear. Thanks to doctors and staff at Sanjeevan. 

  • Ms Disha More | 8 years | May 2009

    I am very thankful to Dr.K.K.Goyal and Dr. Suman Goyal for helping me in improving my vision. We came to know about them through a friend who was also helped by them in improving his vision. The staff here is very attentive, Sincere and helpful.
    I am grateful to Poonam didi, Bhakti didi, Dipika didi, Niranjan didi and Ashwini didi for helping me to carry out my exercises properly. I had faith in the doctors and carried out my exercises seriously which has helped me in improving my vision.
    I once again like to thank each and every member of the Sanjeevan for perfect eyesight.

  • Ms Komal Nathani | 5 years | April 2009

    Nice to see something like eye exercise which we can improve without glasses or medicine. I wish everybody knows about this exercise which can improve the eye vision.May god bless you for doing such a good work for every type of eye problems. Hope to see another branch everywhere, I will pray for you.

  • Ms Karamveer Ranawat | 11 years | January 2011

    Dr.K.K.Goyal and Suman Goyal we are very thankful to them .My Child is of 11 years and studying in 5th standard, my child told me that he is not able to see properly. When we went for a check up, he had half no. in both eyes. I got very much tensed what to do and what not to do. After we went to Dr.K.K.Goyal he told that specs are not required he just need some exercise for it and no. will go.For exams my child wore specs only for 4-5 days.
    But after doing exercise he can see near and far vision properly and thanks to 5 sisters of Sanjeevan for perfect eyesight and special thanks to Dr.K.K.Goyal and Dr. Suman Goyal for doing a excellent job. Now I am happy.