* Name of patients changed to maintain their privacy


  • Suman Dhoot | 4 years | April 2023
    The day when I came to know that I could get rid of my specs I was very happy because my number was high and I was searching for many options for the treatment. I am happy with the result and I don’t headaches anymore. Thank you very much Sanjeevan for Perfect Eyesight. 
  • Manav Mehta | 4 years | March 2023
    Very happy with the  result there is improvement in the vision. The doctors, staff and assistant are very polite. I would definitely recommend the centre to my family and friends. 
  • Maria Mary | 8 years | February 2023
    My daughter, with amblyopia in both eyes, has benefitted tremendously from this course. Her vision has improved and she does not require glasses anymore. She enjoyed herself very much during the 10 days we were here, she enjoyed herself taking care of her and I wish them both lots of luck. Thank you everyone. 
  • Riya Singh | 7 years | February 2023
    Riya has astigmatism and it leaded to shortsight with a high number. Heard about Sanjeevan via the internet. Read good reviews and had a good references. So visited here, doctor referred to eye exercises we did eye exercise twice a day each exercises has 10 10-minute duration it takes up to 1 hour to complete the exercises. With the just 5 days exercise I am seeing a significant change in my daughter’s vision she improved so much in her vision in just 5 days even her power decreased to -3.5 and -.3.25 I am so happy to be here and the exercises are very simple are like games kids will definitely love it and it can be performed in day to day life without any hardships. Doctors also referred the supplements which can help;p to strengthen the eyes I will definitely refer Sanjeevan to all my friends and relatives special thanks to doctors and girls for being kind. 
  • Taneesha Patil | 16 years | January 2023
    Eyes feel more relaxed, improvement seen by doctors and  Thank you for your help. 
  • Tanuj Pandey | 11 years | November 2021
    Before coming here Tanuj was complaining about his vision and eyesight. He has glasses with a high number and after completing 15 days of treatment at Sanjeevan, Bombay. Now he can see and read from at a distance. He got a good habit of eye exercises which he does daily at home. Thank you to the doctors and staff they are very kind. 
  • Mrs. Priyadarshini Raghavendra | 35 years | February 2020
    My son Arjun has Myopia and Astigmatism and was advised to wear spectacles. We got to know of “Sanjeevan” through our family. We decided to bring our son to “Sanjeevan” for treatment. During the course of 3 weeks of treatment, his eyesight has improved and he doesn’t need to wear glasses. Even I enrolled for the treatment and my eyesight has improved from -2.75 to -2 and -1.5. This treatment of eye exercises has been very beneficial and I would highly recommend it to everyone. The doctors and staff have been helpful. Thank you to all the members of “Sanjeevan”
  • Mr. Anuj Rathee | 18 years | Aug 2018
    I, Anuj Rathee got selected for Air force & needed to improve my eyesight. My eyesight was 6/9 in both the eyes. But now after the treatment of only 10 days my vision in both eye is 6/6 that also with simple Natural treatment.
    I thank to the Dr’s and staff here who have constantly supported me.
  • Mast. Arjun Nair| 8 years | Aug 2014/May 2018

    We are extremely thankful and grateful to Dr K.K.Goyal and Mrs Goyal for their guidance and care in helping Arjun develop perfect vision. Our hopes came crashing down when we learnt that Arjun had astigmatism and the only way to resolve the problem was by wearing glasses. However after coming to Sanjeevan we discovered safe and natural ways to improve, preserve and protect eyes and eyesight by learning the natural power of eye muscles,using simple treatment.

    We would recommend Sanjeevan to all those who want to resolve issues of eyes in a safe and natural manner. We thank Dr Goyal for providing relief to us and so many like us. Thanks are also due to the wonderful staff at Sanjeevan, who have been trained very well by Mrs and Dr K. K. Goyal and are extremely professional and courteous.

    After nearly 4 years, I continued to remain an extremely satisfied father on account of the near perfect vision of my son. I thank Dr. and Mrs Dr Goyal for the wonderful program that they have designed for natural treatment for eye issue. I also recommend using Forever Products suggested by the honourable doctors for issue that go beyond eye care.

    We Wish Sanjeevan All The Very Best..!

  • Mast. Shaurya Vasani | 7 years | March 2014

    We still cannot believe that exercise is also very useful to improve the eye vision & to reduce the eye numbers
    After coming in Sanjeevan, We have started believing this magical thing.Eyes are very very important part of body, without it our life/World will be colourless. With the help of natural treatment and exercise Dr.K.K Goyal & Dr Suman Goyal try to make the life/World colourful. They both are doing great and fabulous work
    I came here with my son and now I can proudly say that my son has reduced his eye number . It was the great experience and yes all thanks goes to Dr.K.K.Goyal and Dr suman Goyal and obviously their staff members.

  • Ms. Devanshi Agrawal | 14 years | May 2014

    My daughter was just in Senior KG when I realised that her vision is turning poorer day by day. I was very tensed and shocked. Then by god’s grace I came to know about Sanjeevan school for perfect eye sight I brought her to Mumbai and started with a 15 days programmer commended by Dr.K.K. Goyal & Dr.Suman Goyal.
    It was indeed surprising that just after 15 days her eyesight was a lot better and she was not suppose to wear specs at all. As advised she continued her exercises for 2 to 3 years continuously and her vision improved day by day.
    Now she is 14 years old, not wearing specs and perfect with her vision.
    Both the doctors are very cooperative and supportive. I trust them completely and I advice all those suffering from poor eyesight to follow the advice of the doctors.
    Thanking you

  • Ms. Sneha Sharma | 11 years | August 2011 | Astigmatism with Amblyopia

    During the course of routine checkup we came to know that my daughter is having eye sight problem and doctor recommended spectacles. Then we went to consult specialist at AIIMS, Delhi who told that she is having cylindrical minus number which is supposed to be progressive by the age. It was simply bolt from blue to us and we were very upset. Then my friend told me about “Sanjeevan For Perfect Eye-sight” and we contacted DrK.K.Goyal on phone. As discussed, we sent my daughter’s test report to him. Ongoing through test report Dr.Goyal told us not to worry and come to sanjeevan for treatment.

    We came here on 16th August 2011 and within 6 days of treatment we had noticed a remarkable improvement in the vision. We are really thankful to Dr K.K. and Suman Goyal and the entire staff of“Sanjeevan” for their co-operation, affection and patience.


    And here at sanjeevanall your impossible dreams come true

  • Aryan Sharma | 9 years

    I am Nine year boy studying in class 3 of Bombay Scottish – Pawai, I was wearing specs since last 3 years. I am good in studies and also want to be good in sports. When I used to use specs I felt very irritating.

    One of my friend told me about SANJEEVAN. I came here along with my mother for treatment. Now after doing exercises for 21 days I can see clearly and my vision is improved. I can now play & watch T.V. without Specs.

    I would like to thank doctor uncle and aunty for telling me the exercises and also like to thank all the didis for making me do the exercises patiently and bearing all my pranks and mastis. Thank you all. Bye and Siya!

  • Ms. Esha Chanda | 23 years | December 2006

    Sanjeevan for perfect eyesight has proved beneficial for my eyes in just one week of exercise. Such camps should be conducted more regularly as it is a real blessing to human eyesight.

  • Mast. Rakshit Dabla | 14 years | May 2008

    On the first day, I was very excited in doing the exercise. When I came to know about the SANJEEVAN, I couldn’t imagine that there is such a place where I can improve my eyes. Sanjeevan is very good and also has cooperative staff. I thank all the didi’s in helping to cure my eyes.

    It is a very good experience for me and I am now satisfied with my result. It is a very good clinic and I know that this will be No. 1.

    Hence, I wish them All the best!

  • Mrs. Babita Chheda | 33 years | February 2006

    The Staff is very good, Excellent. Although I had read regarding this technique earlier, I was not sure whether I would do it correctly. With my eye condition worsening, I was very depressed. After coming here, I got a ray of light which I am never going to leave. My peripheral vision has improved dramatically. All thanks to the entire team .

    God Bless You!!!

  • Mr. Jay Caunday | August 2007

    I am very grateful to Dr. Goyal, his wife and all the staff for everything they have done for me. Indeed after only one week I have improved by reducing one diopter in my right eye, and 0.75 in my left eye. I hope that this method will keep on helping lot of people because view is a pleasure that everyone deserves.

  • Ms. Devanshi Mehta | 5 years | May 2007

    I am very much satisfied with the Vision Therapy of the institute. The exercise taught at the institute were very much beneficial for the vision improvement. We could see the difference in one week duration.

    We are thankful to Dr. Goyal, Mrs. Goyal & the staff of the institute for training and teaching the exercises for vision improvement.

    I would strongly recommend everybody into institute for vision improvement.

  • Mr. Paresh Nanwani | 23 years | June 2007

    My experience here was unbelievable. It is really a Miracle because of my treatment here I can continue with the carrier of my choice. Basically my life is made all because of this treatment.

    In just 2 weeks I became perfectly fine. Thank you so much for giving me my life back

    I even got a medically fit certificate from Dr. S.K.Puri (DGCA and F.A.A.) recognized doctor.

  • Mr. Jagdeep Jagushte | 31 years | December 2006

    JUST GREAT. When I came here, On 1st day of course itself I felt very good. Because after first day of doing exercise s my eyesight improvement was better than before. So I decided to come here regularly & I found good results at the end of the course And it is very good for future.

    Thanks for kind staff of here which is very helpful.

    Thanks to Dr. Goyal & Mrs. Goyal for doing the great job they did for me.

  • Dr. Mrs. S. S. Jadhav | 37 years | December 2005

    The day when I came to know that I can get rid of my spects, I was very happy because, though my number was not so high but I was suffering from tremendous head ache. I was searching for optician for spects in form of lenses or laser surgery. Lenses were not suitable for me as it was cylindrical number and for surgery, the number was very less. Since I have joined Sanjeevan- for Perfect Eye Sight, I am very happy that even then I am not having head ache. Thank You very much-Sanjeevan for Perfect Eye Sight.

  • Santosh Parma | 22 years | October 2013

    I came to know about ”Sanjeevan” from a friend of mine and he told me it is possible to treat refractive error I did not believe him because I belong from a family of doctors only and everyone said it was impossible without Lasik surgery.
    But I met people who had benefited from “Sanjeevan” and I decided to join the course I was rejected in the Air force medicals (CDSE entry) and was declared unfit for all armed forces. My vision with glasses when I came to Sanjeevan was :6/9(R) & 6/9(L) as on 3/10/2013 with glasses reading -0.5 -2.0 180D & – – 3.5 180D which is unacceptable in the army.
    But after continuous exercises and following the good habits I am extremely happy & astonished to see that today my eyesight is much better with these results
    Glasses: 6/6 (R) |6/6 (L)
    Right eye(-0.5)Sp-2.0 (Cyl) 180D | -3.0 (Cyl) 180D
    Which are acceptable in the Indian army.
    So with these results and a boost in my confidence I am leaving Sanjeevan and hopefully will achieve my goal.
    I sincerely thank Dr. K.K.Goyal sir & Suman Ma’am for their guidance and lovely staff of sanjeevan for their constant help I wish the reader “Best Luck” for his endeavours

  • Mr. Pankaj Dange | 25 years | December 2005

    I came to know about this place through a friend. At first, I did not believe it but later I when I started my course over here, I felt the difference on the first day itself. The exercises have a soothing effect on eyes and first I neglected my eyes a lot. But after coming to Sanjeevan, I learnt a lot and enjoyed the exercises too. Thanks a lot Sanjeevan, Doctor and the staff.

  • Ms. Gauri Bajaj | 21 years | December 2004

    I had been wearing spects since my childhood and somewhere lost the hope that I will get rid of my glasses naturally. Last resort was lenses but I wanted to avoid it. That time I read about Sanjeevan in Mid-Day Metro. It was totally a new concept so I was a bit hesitant. But thank God I took the right decision and joined Sanjeevan. Dr. and Mrs. Goyal and staff encouraged me throughout my course that I can give up my spects and regain my normal vision. Thanks a lot for all your support. The exercises are so simple and the results are amazing. I am very very happy with what I have gained here. Thank you Sanjeevan. Keep Up The Good Work. May U Give Better Vision To Everyone And Prosper More.

  • Mast. Varad Karpe | 8 years | December 2004

    I am bringing my son Varad Karpe to Sanjeevan from the last one month. He stopped taking spects after 6-7 days itself after joining the course and his no. was fully gone. His problem of Allergy also finished considerably. We felt very happy by joining this course. We wish other children also join Sanjeevan and get there problems treated. All the best.

  • Vedang Lad | August 2007

    Vedang has just beginning of numbers. I am happy that I came here. His vision has been improved after this therapy. Here, they gave me lot of information, how to take proper care of eyes so, I can help my son for healthy eyes, They help & guide for post-therapy also which is great.

    Staff is very nice & helpful. They help with patience & love. They give like family feelings which we need for kids. Thanks to them!

  • Ms.Arti Lulla

    I came to know of Sanjeevan For Perfect Eyesight from an advertisement on TV. My joy knew no bounds when I was promised of better vision here. I immediately contaced and joined the course offered for one month. I tell you, my vision in the one month that I exercised, particularly my night vision. The power of my lenses has also gone down as I am now able to manage my office work without lenses. I am sure that with constant exercise as taught to me, I will be able to achieve 100% clarity. It is great to be able to see without any aid and I love it all to Sanjeevan For Perfect Eyesight. Right attitude and determination will help you achieve what you want.

  • Mrs. Shalini Samel | 67 years | May 2005

    It is a boon for me that Sanjeevan came in Borivali itself. I usually believe in Naturopathy, so I immediately joined the course and completed the course of five weeks. It was unbelievable that in spite of age and Cataract, my vision is improved a lot and I am very happy. It is only because of pleasant atmosphere, proper treatment,Doctors (Mr. and Mrs.) weekly check up. The staff is also punctual, well mannered and helpful. Credit goes to Sanjeevan who gave me “San-Jeevan” in the right way. Once again I thank Mr. and Mrs. Doctor Goyal and Staff.

  • Mr. Lalita Sethi

    I felt very good. I never thought that power could be reduced. These exercises have really helped me to reduce the power to great extent and I believe sooner or later power will be completely removed if I am dedicated to these exercises.

  • Mast. Jay Sharma | 10 years | September 2006

    I joined SANJEEVAN on 15th September and it was an amazing experience at Sanjeevan, It gave me my sight that I expected. My sight was increased. The staff is also very good. The regular testing of my eyes gave me confidence that my eyes will improve and thus it is. I am very thankful to Dr. Mrs. Goyal that she have helped me to decrease my number in eyes and I am happy that there is an institution for improvement in eyesight which I have joined and I hope that it will treat other’s eye’s disorders.

  • Ms. Rakhi Puthran | 20 years | July 2005

    I am glad that I came to Sanjeevan. I am very happy with the improvement of my eyes. I am very grateful to Dr. & Dr. Mrs. Goyal for the co-operation and am also very thankful to staff- Anita, Ashwini and Deepali for their advice. First I used to be very rash with my eyes and I never used to take care of my eyes. The one thing I have really learnt from Sanjeevan is how to take care of natures wonderful gift, our eyes. And this institution has really taught the “Importance of eyes”.

  • Mr. Vijay Rajai | December 2005

    I really appreciated the training for eye problems. As it is mainly based on relaxation and concentration one month before I always used to have stress on my eyes. But after following these exercises now I am not having any stress. I don’t need to wear glasses. It can really improve vision if one goes on following continuously and seriously. I am really very Thankful to Dr. Goyal & all staff members for their nice service & training.

  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar | 22 years | September 2013

    Initially, I have 0.25 D in my 9th class I was not worried about my eye sight because it was a small no which I thought may get vanish during my engineering but it didn’t happen what I thought & I got High Myopia no. with Astigmatism.
    I have to join defence forces but the number is pushing me out from my dream job because my no in my engineering is -7 D. which is very high & because of which I am selected in defence force but I could not join it.
    I opt for Lasik but it also not an successful option for me because my retina is weak & it would get crack or retinal detachment was possible.
    At last I found the Sanjeevan clinic which is a ray of hope for me . I came here with positive attitude that I will go from here with less no. I got improvement in my eye sight & “Yes” . I am going happily the staff is too good.
    “At last Thanks to Dr K. K. Goyal Sir & Suman Goyal Ma’am”.

  • Ms. Megha Balchandani | 25 years | November 2013

    Idea of improving eyesight always convinced me. Mr. & Mrs. Goyal Are Doing an Excellent work.
    My eyesight is improved in just 20 days sessions. Thanks For putting up this wonderful set up.