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  • Dr. Harsh Kumar | 31 years | December 2019

    Eye exercises are good. So far my vision improved from 6/9 to 6/6 in left eye with glasses. Looking forward for completion of treatment and hopeful about better at the end of treatment.

  • Ms. Malini Thomas | 19 years | August 2008

    Thanks to Dr. K.K. & Suman Goyal that I had a very good improvement in my eyesight. I was rejected in my Medicals and was very heart broken, but I am happy that I came to know about SANJEEVAN where I could improve my eyesight.

    I was suffering with KERATOCONUS in both my eyes and when I came to SANJEEVAN I could hardly read till the fourth line of the chart but today I can very clearly read with my right eye and left eye has improved a lot.

    This all has happened because of doctors and also with the help of Poonam di, Bhakti di, Niranjan di, Deepika and Ashwini di, May God Bless you all. Thank you for doing so much for me.