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  • Ms Oviya Fernandes | December 2010 | Lattice degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataract

    When I arrived at Sanjeevan, I had blurry spells, 6/36 vision floaters and flashers. I was diagnosed with glaucoma on the 27th if September 2009 at that time I had lost a large proportion of my vision in my left eye and my right eye had 6/5 corrected vision. My intraocular pressure in my left eye was 65mm Hg up to disk ratio of 0.9 with cupping. My right eye intraocular pressures was 30mmtlg .Inadequately controlled by drops, surgery was done in my left eye on 26th November 2009 , the top then reduced to 12mmHg.

    My right IOP was creeping higher, disk cupped and surgery was done. During surgery there was a corneal tear and leak coupled with a bleb leak. This meant my intraocular pressures dropped below zero and my vision was 6/60 although it improved to 6/15 + , there were more leaks which developed and my bleb failed .A repeat trabeculectomy was necessitated. During the entire 4 months post- operative period, steroids were given to control the healing process. These steroids led to formation of a posterior subcapsular cataract and lattice degeneration. After a month- long programme my vision has improved markedly from 6/36 to 6/6+.
    I am extremely grateful to the amazing team of Sanjeevan and I can’t wait to give my doctor in New Zealand shock of his life….
    Wish everyone doing this programme the very best of luck.