* Name of patients changed to maintain their privacy


  • Arvind Saini | 50 years | May 2019
    I am 50 years old man I have Glaucoma and Diabetes, I had joined Sanjeevan on 24th May and I continued it for 1 month and I really felt the difference and now I can see clearly and my color vision has also improved. I can see from distance and the exercises are easy to do. The staff members are really friendly. It just felt like home. I would recommend people to try Sanjeevan. It really does improve your eyesight. 
  • Mr. Huneyd Yahyabhoy | 74 years | August 2018
    Before taking the course I had difficulty in crossing the road at night. I could cross only with help. After the course I am able to cross the road at night comfortably even in very dark roads. Before Course Car light has to hit me, but after course I can view car light in the dark and it does not hurt me. The course has definitely  improved my eyesight.

  • Mr. Dinesh Kumar | October 2015 | Glaucoma


    In august 2015, I went for my routine eye check up with no previous records of any eye aliments. However to my surprise the Doctor  found that my eye pressure (IOP) in both eyes has increased by 25 & 28 whereas the normal pressure should be between 12 to 20.

    He advised eye drops and suggested this may require further investigation and this could be the initial stage of Glaucoma. He also performed two test called as perimetry  and OCT. The perimetry test shows GHT. Border –line whereas OCT (Glaucoma evaluation) Some percentage is in Border line.

    I went for a second opinion that doctor advised laser surgery in both eyes. This shattered my hopes of recovery even further. Mystically  I met with Dr.Goyal, I knew that he is running naturopathy eye treatment centre in Yogi nagar. I discussed with him about my eye problem, He suggested me to join the centre called (SANJEEVAN) and said they will treat without medicine and try to avoid surgery.

    I joined the centre (SANJEEVAN) on 10th October 2015. I am happy to report that after three months long program my vision has improved and eye pressure (IOP) has come dow to 19 in both eyes.

    As advised to repeat the test again after three months. I went for review and both test was done again . I wish to  inform both test perimetry and OCT are within Normal limits and also IOP is in normal range. I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to SANJEEVAN and their team.

  • Ms. Oviya Fernandes | December 2010 | Lattice degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataract

    When I arrived at Sanjeevan, I had blurry spells, 6/36 vision floaters and flashers. I was diagnosed with glaucoma on the 27th if September 2009 at that time I had lost a large proportion of my vision in my left eye and my right eye had 6/5 corrected vision. My intraocular pressure in my left eye was 65mm Hg up to disk ratio of 0.9 with cupping. My right eye intraocular pressures was 30mmtlg .Inadequately controlled by drops, surgery was done in my left eye on 26th November 2009 , the top then reduced to 12mmHg.

    My right IOP was creeping higher, disk cupped and surgery was done. During surgery there was a corneal tear and leak coupled with a bleb leak. This meant my intraocular pressures dropped below zero and my vision was 6/60 although it improved to 6/15 + , there were more leaks which developed and my bleb failed .A repeat trabeculectomy was necessitated. During the entire 4 months post- operative period, steroids were given to control the healing process. These steroids led to formation of a posterior subcapsular cataract and lattice degeneration. After a month- long programme my vision has improved markedly from 6/36 to 6/6+.
    I am extremely grateful to the amazing team of Sanjeevan and I can’t wait to give my doctor in New Zealand shock of his life….
    Wish everyone doing this programme the very best of luck.

  • Dr. Sushila Dhoot | 59 years | December 2006

    I was reading with the glasses before this exercises. But Now I can read the paper without glasses.

    I can make out the distance of moving vehicles on the road in which I was always confused while crossing the road

    I was doing my writing work with the Glasses. Now I can do that without glasses

    I feel there is improvement in my eye sight after learning & doing the eye Exercise which I attended the camp for one week at Vashi.

    Thanking you for your guidance and co-operation of your working staff members.

  • Dr. Paresh Kapdi | 75 years | January 2011

    I was suffering from bilateral glaucoma since 1999. Then I was operated trabeculectomy both eyes by Dr. Haldipurkar of Panvel. Then I could see by both eyes.

    From “Sanjeevan” I was getting my both eyes vision back no doubt I was very much satisfied with this treatment .