* Name of patients partly withheld for their privacy


  • Parineeti Parmar | 23 years | July 2008 | Macular Dystrophy

    This is my testimony. I Miss Parineeti would like to share my experience regarding improvement of my eye sight. Initially, I faced a lot of problem to see & recognize things and people during day light. My vision was very less and I was unable to keep my eyes open during day time because the light used to strain my eyes. I consulted many of the good doctors, even best of them weren’t any help to me. I lost complete hope of getting treated by any method. Because doctors too after much treatment gave the verdict that there were no solution. After much trial & error, I had been to an optician for my glasses and he suggested me to join SANJEEVAN. The every next day I went there and consulted Dr. K.K.Goyal & Suman Goyal.. They advised me to undergo through some exercises thereafter & I joined SANJEEVAN immediately. Thanks to Dr. Goyal that they have been of great help in improvisation of my eyesight. They are doing a great job. The staff members too are very helpful like Deepika, Poonam, Bhakti, Niranjan & Ashwini. They have helped me in difficulty during exercises. I have built self-confidence in me today.

  • Madhu Karandikar | 75 years | July 2008 | Age Related Macular Degeneration

    Left eye has macular degeneration and doctors said will go slowly but with “Sanjeevan” there is a definite improvement.

    Now I can read bold letter book which was not possible earlier. Also there was lot of itching in both eyes with watering problem but with Sanjeevan treatment, this problem showed definite improvement. Now T.V. watching is enjoyable and can be done without problem. All Support staff exceptionally good and helpful both Dr. K.K.Goyal and Mrs. S.Goyal explained things/doubts very well.

    Thanks to Dr K.K.Goyal and Mrs Goyal & the entire staff of “Sanjeevan”

  • Mr P.T. | Stargardt’s (Macular Dengeration)

    My son was suffering from eye problem from last 10 years. His vision was deteriorating day by day. We had showed him to big eye specialists.We had taken him to Jaslok Hospital,Mumbai and Sankar Netralaya,Chennai also.He stoped reading and writing. Me and my husband were worried every time about him and his future.Then one day we got to know about “Sanjeevan School For Perfect Eye Sight” through my sister. We took him to “Sanjeevan” , there doctor told us that his vision can be improved.

    First we could not believe him as he was the first person to tell us in 10 years that his vision can be improved.We started his treatment at “Sanjeevan Eye Center”. And DrK.K.Goyal was right,today with his treatment and exercises he is better and he is able to read and write .

    I grateful to DrK.K.Goyal. He has shown me and my son a new path.