Colour blindness is a mild disability in which distinguishing color can become an issue. People with color blindness can’t identify certain colors amongst similar others, or just none at all. Mostly people suffering with colour blindness are unable to recognize blue/yellow or red/green, with the latter being the more common of the two. Total color blindness (“monochromacy”) is a very rare condition, in which people only see different tones and brightness levels, with no color at all.Poster_1
Career Choices where colour is an important aspect:
1. Pilots – commercial or Air force
2. Electricians
3. Scientists
4. Defense forces including paramilitary forces.
5. Food and art critics (yes, them too)
6. Engineers

Careers one can choose
1. Nutritionists and Dietitians
2. Civil Engineers
3. Lawyers or Attorneys
4. Teachers
Sanjeevan being the only eye care center that treats colour blindness. The treatment procedures at Sanjeevan are developed in such a way that they help the entire visual apparatus, viz., the lens, cone cells, ciliary muscles, retina and the optic nerve, to help it correct itself so as to treat the specific ailment and also improve visual acuity. After the procedure your career choice will no longer depend on whether one is colour blind or not.
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