Amblyopia is also referred to as “lazy eye”, which begins during infancy and early childhood. In most cases, only one eye is affected. But in some cases, reduced visual acuity can occur in both eyes. If left untreated, lazy eye can cause severe visual disability in the affected eye, including legal blindness. The brain tends to capture only the clearer image, ignoring the blurred portion hence making the eye lazy.


Few facts to know about Amblyopia:
1. Children can develop Amblyopia at any time from birth.
2. Risk factors for Amblyopia are family history of the ailment, premature birth and low birth weight
3. It is important to detect & treat Amblyopia at any age. With conventional medicine Amblyopia can be treated only in childhood. However at Sanjeevan we can treat Amblyopia at any age.
4. The child can read or see things comfortably as one eye offers clear vision and that is the reason why most parents diagnose this problem after months or years.
5. Lazy eye causes by poor binocular vision.
6. The lazy eye’s acuity, or ability to see clearly, eventually becomes worse when the brain rejects the signal.
7. Treatment rarely involves surgery in Amblyopia. In fact a natural treatment for Lazy eye is available at Sanjeevan.
8. Amblyopia is commonly and conventionally treated by patching or covering the strong eye for a period of time, so that the weak eye is forced to work encouraging proper development. Apart from this there is also the natural treatment at Sanjeevan which can treat Amblyopia at any age.
9. Often vision therapy is used to treat Amblyopia.
10. “Amblyopia,” is often confused with strabismus, which is an eye turn. Lazy eye is when the brain rejects the image from one eye, but the eyes may or may not be crossed.


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