Astigmatism is one of the refractive errors of the eyes. Along with the other two Myopia and Hyperopia, it causes blurred vision and could lead to serious damages when untreated. If you are one to have any of the refractive errors in the eyes or blurred visions, it is time to see the eye doctor immediately for better vision and to save eyes.

What causes astigmatism?

Astigmatism was reported more than 2 centuries ago in 1801, but still, the exact cause of it is unknown. Many point fingers at the genetics as the cause of Astigmatism. It occurs in eyes due to the irregular shape of the cornea or due to the curvature of the lens into the eyes.

Lazy eyes:

Astigmatism also occurs earlier in life for many due to the result of amblyopia or lazy eyes. It is due to the disorder in sight due to the lack of coordination of eye and brain. Clinically Astigmatism is described as the inability of the eyes to focus light evenly on the retina or the inner light-sensitive layer of the eye.


One more rare condition is also diagnosed to be the cause of Astigmatism. This is the condition in which the cornea becomes progressively thinner and cone-shaped. The vision becomes so poor that it cannot be treated with refractive glasses. Those who are affected with Keratoconus need contact lens for clear vision and eventually need a corneal transplant for saving the eyes.

Astigmatism treatment in India:

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Why Sanjeevan for Astigmatism treatment in India?

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