The purpose of this blog is to better the understanding of both colour in packaging and allowing synesthetic experiences that will affect the colourblind person’s abilities to shop capably and effectively. Colour blindness has both little and extreme effect on a person’s life. The most extreme of this would be the inability to shop in a situation that uses colour coding for certain tasks. It is possible that a colourblind purchaser is unable to process some or most of the aspects of visual colour information, potentially increasing their inability to select in the marketplace. Colourblind people are at a disadvantage in exchange relationships where their performance is related to see, to recognize and differentiate among colours.

Food Labeling Problems for the Colour Blind:

Design of packaging

When designing& packaging, many companies do not consider visibility, clarity and feasibility, contrast of text, accuracy and logo placement.

Dedicated packaging

Incorrect packaging and/or labelingare a significant cause of differential product recalls. Therefore, where possible, consideration should be given to the provision of dedicated packing lines to reduce the risk of mislabeling. By law, food businesses must notify the Agency (and the local authority where the business is based) if they need to withdraw products from the market, which don’t comply with food safety requirements. Businesses and local authorities can use this online form to notify the Agency.

In most countries, especially in India where VEG & NON-VEG choices are extremely sensitive, the logo placement and colouring has to be precise and understood by everyone.

A standard Red & Green colour problem (Especially for Veg & Non-Veg logo is faced by people across the globe)

Normal Vision:








Logo perceived by a Colour Blind person:








Gaming & Colour Blindness:
















Candy Crush Saga – One of the most downloaded and played mobile appplication games in the world, and also with one of the most colourful user interface. From a colourblind person’s perspective, this game is catastrophic, as this is what it looks like for him:

Sanjeevan_post_1 (5)















Kathryn Albany-Ward: “Games generally do cause a lot of problems, and there are a lot of people in the gaming community putting pressure on the gaming firms to bring in colour blind friendly modes.”

Hope the future of gaming believes in #ColourForAll

The Interlocking Cubes for Simple Math:

This really gets to us. These interlocking cubes are used in most UK schools for sequencing, simple maths, sorting etc.

Imagine a colourblind kid given a task with this to finish:

Interlocking Cubes















This is what he struggles with:

Sanjeevan_post_2 (5)















At an age where children are already struggling with several other peer pressure issues, this one adds to their problems in daily life.

Flags for All:

flag is a piece of fabric with a distinctive design that is used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or as decoration.

National flags are patriotic symbols with a wide range of interpretations.They have strong military associations with respect to the country and law of the land.Flags are also used in messaging, advertising or for other decorative purposes.

Indicating flags have been an age-old problem for the Colour Blind.

Flag with normal vision: (Bolivia Flag)
















Flag with Colour Blind vision:

Untitled-1 (1)















Colourblindness is a problem which has to be solved together. Every individual has the right to live, feel and see things how it has been created by nature. Colour Blindness hinders the perception quotient of a person’s visual ability. Treatment to this problem is not only important, but should be compulsory.

We at Sanjeevan, have the best techniques and methods; researched and approved at par with global standards. Each of our testimonials with respect to Colour Blindness is a factor of pride and respect amongst our team and our patients. And we will always keep striving hard to get better for best results.

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