Did you ever think that writing a blog could possibly be a part of any Retinitis Pigmentosa treatment regimen? Turns out that it can! Thus, today I am writing this blog for all of you!

As I type these words, I can’t help but be reminded of my first day of treatment here – I remember not even being able to even reach the centre without my brother’s help. From not being able to operate the switch panel of the lift that got me to the centre to typing this blog from a laptop, I can safely say that I have come a long way!

To give you the complete picture, let me share with you the back-story of my struggle with Retinitis Pigmentosa – 4 years back, I was 38 years old and at the peak of my career. However, in late 2013 began the slow but sure decline of my vision. However, I paid little attention to the small signals my eyes were giving me and conveniently accepted this to be a common effect of aging. However, little did I know then that what began with a bit of difficulty at seeing during the night would be followed by progressing tunnel vision and eventually lead me into the gloomy situation I found myself in early 2016! After getting a few tests done, I was told that this situation has a name – It is called Retinitis Pigmentosa!

In fact, by mid-2015 my condition had worsened to such an extent that I couldn’t perform any routine task without being assisted. It was only then that I finally accepted that I had no other option but to stop working and turn my attention towards overcoming this condition. However, after visiting several doctors, medical centres, hospitals and even self-proclaimed Miracle Babas across the nation, I was left with not even a single ray of hope in dealing with RP.

However, it is then that my brother took to the internet to find a solution. To my surprise, in the matter of a few minutes he found this eye centre in Mumbai which claimed to successfully treat Retinitis Pigmentosa; that too naturally! All this seemed too good to be true and I very much doubted the reliability of such claims on the internet. However, as I’ve already mentioned, my condition was so worrying that I had even unwillingly turned to Miracle Babas for help. So, it was obvious that I was ready to try every option available to me! And I’m glad I did..

Because the result my brother found redirected him to Sanjeevan – For Perfect Eyesight’s website. He wasted no time in scheduling an appointment for me with Dr. Goyal. In our first appointment itself, Dr. Goyal gave me just what I needed – The reason to believe – A RP Case Study featuring S Sivaprakash – I’m sure most of you following Sanjeevan – For Perfect Eyesight on Social Media have seen this now famous case study too! To be honest, while I couldn’t see much of what was going on in the video, my brother was convinced that my condition could be improved. This itself was reason enough to instill confidence in me.

Thus, I breathed a sigh of relief and began my road to recovery under the guidance of Dr. KK Goyal, Dr. Suman Goyal and the wonderful staff at Sanjeevan. Being very anxious to improve, I decided to maintain a record keeping track of the difference in my vision on a periodic basis in my office diary. Today, as I come close to completing my treatment here, I wish to use this platform to share with you the story my progress. A story told using screenshots from that very diary! I just couldn’t find a better way of sharing the experience of my recovery here. An experience that I hope will help inspire others who too are suffering from a similar condition!

Here are the screenshots (Let me in advance apologize if my hand-writing makes you exert added pressure on your eyes):













As you all can see, these entries do not follow a specific schedule. This is mostly because I only made entries on the days I felt a significant difference in my vision from the time I made my previous entry. However, as you can also see there also are clusters of consecutive days when I could see daily improvement in all 3 stages (Initial, Mid-way & Latter) of my recovery! This simply goes to show you that while improvement may come in spurts, it is important to stay focused on your task at hand – performing your exercises with much diligence and sticking to your treatment regimen at all costs. Another motivating factor for me was my chance meeting with S Sivaprakash who had visited the centre for a follow-up appointment. Finding someone who could not just relate to what I was going through but also share his own experiences of overcoming RP only boosted my confidence and desire of overcoming it. As I come to the end of this typing exercise, I am glad to say in Sanjeevan – For Perfect Eyesight, I Found Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Vision)…

Signing Off,

RP Conqueror.