1. What are the possible outcomes that I can expect from this course?

The following outcomes can be expected:
a. Further deterioration of vision will stop
b. Improvement in the quality of vision, with glasses, in case of high numbers
c. Improvement in the quality of vision without glasses
d. Return of normal vision without glasses

2. What is this course based on?

Our course is based upon the globally-renowned Bates Method. Essentially, the Bates Method is all about relaxing both the eyes and the mind. Vision is much more than just a function of the eyes, and the eyes, for their part, merely pass on visual stimuli to the mind, which then analyses them to create an image.
Most people use their eyes in an incorrect manner, which leads to strain, blurry vision, poor eye teaming, and a multitude of other problems. Our techniques provide ways and guidelines for relieving the strain and restoring the natural, relaxed seeing that the eyes are always capable of, even after decades of use.

3. Who all can benefit from this course?

Our techniques are effective for a wide variety of vision problems. Refractive errors including myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, astigmatism etc. can be improved or eliminated depending upon the severity of the problem. People suffering from retinal disorders, such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, strabismus, double vision, incipient cataract, can also benefit considerably from this method. People suffering from Colour blindness are also benefited with our techniques.

4. Does it involve any surgery or will I have to take any medicines?

There is no surgery involved and neither is there a need to consume any sort of medication.

5. Whom is this course designed for?

This course is designed for:
a. People who suffer from Color Blindness
b. People who wear glasses to correct Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia
c. People who suffer from Squint, Lazy Eye and Nystagmus
d. People who suffer from Retinal Disorders, Glaucoma and Early Cataract
e. People who want to preserve their eyesight pro-actively

6. How young a person can you teach with this method, and up to what age can you expect results?

The age is immaterial. People as old as 82 years have improved their vision through this method. Children can be taught as soon as they are able to talk.

7. Is it possible to regain the ability to read without glasses when it fails after the age of forty; the sight at the distance being perfect?

Yes, sight can be restored by practicing our treatment methods.

8. How much improvement can one expect in the duration of this course?

This depends on many factors, including the regularity and discipline with which these exercises are done. Correct vision habits should be followed throughout the day, so that maximum benefit can be obtained. Higher the motivation and the willingness to allow change, better is the progress. Sometimes the results are unbelievable. One can notice the difference from the very first day. Most people can improve their vision till up to 25%-75% in as little as two to six weeks.

9. Am I too old for my vision to improve?

No. Some of the most dramatic recoveries of visual performance occur in the elderly; although elasticity of young children allows them to recover more quickly. People of all ages can improve or regain youthful vision.

10. For how long do I need to practise the exercise during the day?

Initially, at our centre, it will take about 45 minutes to an hour. At home, you must repeat the same set of exercises again. You will notice the vision improvement gradually. Slowly and eventually, within a few days, correct vision habits will be integrated into your lifestyle so that you will no longer need to practice as such. The total duration of the treatment would depend upon individuals and the severity of the eye ailment which they are suffering from.

11. Will I be able to perform these exercises on my own without guidance?

Yes, absolutely. The eye exercises are simple and fun.

12. How is Sanjeevan’s system different from the Bates’ Method?

Although Sanjeevan’s treatment system is based on the Bates’ method, it has been improved upon substantially by the research carried out by the Goyals through their expertise in combining different systems of conventional and alternative therapies. The system followed at Sanjeevan is a proprietary system, unlike any in the world and encompasses nutritional aspects, along with eye exercises and stress relief.