Squint eye is a condition that everyone knows about, but not with the name squint. Every local language in India has its way of defining squint, which makes people with squint face mockery all around them. Even a few decades ago, squint was considered untreatable, and people born with it faced tremendous difficulty socially and in terms of their optical health.

Now, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, there is not one but a variety of treatment options that can rehabilitate squint eyes in adults and children. While squint is not 100% treatable, patients can experience a betterment in their condition based on the severity of their case and their age. For some, squint eye treatment can cure their condition, including fixing their cosmetic and visual errors. Let’s find out how these treatment options work.



Squint Eye Treatment Options

There are various options for squint eye patients, from surgical to non-surgical, therapeutical, and even home remedies. These treatment options have different success rates and can be helpful based on the severity of your case. Some treatment options, like surgical treatments, obviously have their own risk factors, while other therapeutical and ayurvedic or home remedies are safe for patients of all ages. Here are all the squint eye treatment options.


1.   Home Remedies for Squint Treatment

Home remedies for squint treatment are based on exercises that can help you slowly correct and strengthen your weak eye over time. You can easily practice these exercises at home, and they will show results. Visible results may take time without other medical consultations. But if you are consistent, your vision will improve, and double vision and other symptoms of strabismus will improve over time.

Also, do note that these remedies are best for kids as these home remedies can even fix their condition entirely over time. For adults, the benefits of these exercises can differ. Practicing these exercises after getting medical attention for your condition is best. Here are three exercises you can practice that will help you train your eyes.

Near Point Convergence Exercise

Take a pencil or any object, for that matter. Place it on the side of your side at arm’s length. Try to focus on the object or a small detail on the thing. Slowly bring it close to the bridge of your nose. Keep focusing on the point you chose. Stop when you feel you can’t focus on that point anymore. Repeat this exercise with both sides. Find the point up until which you can see the detail clearly. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times on each side every day. Over time it will help you improve your vision and strengthen the muscles of your weak eye.

Rectangle Card Exercise

Draw rectangles of progressive sizes on both sides of a piece of paper or card. Colour the rectangles red on one side and green on the other. Once you are done, put them up to your nose. Place it there with the smallest rectangles on both sides close to you and the largest ones away from you. Now focus on the largest rectangles on each side of the card with both eyes. If you are doing it right, you will see that the largest red and green rectangles have become one, while the two others on both sides have doubled.

Once you have locked your vision in the right spot, keep it there for a few seconds and repeat with the next smaller rectangle ending with the smallest rectangle. In each case, the one you are focusing on will become singular, while you will see double of the other rectangles on both sides. Keep practicing daily, and it will help you with your strabismus.

Colouring Practice

If you are looking for easy squint eye treatment at home, this is one of your best options. Even though this remedy is best suited for children, adults developing or living with squint can benefit from it also. The exercise is just colouring using colouring books and ensuring you stay within the lines. This will help improve eye coordination and help build eye strength. You may fail initially but keep at it; it will help you improve your vision with time. So, before you try it, make sure you have crayons with sharp ends, and the colouring book you choose has very clear lines. This will help make the experience fun and relaxing for both children and adults.


2.   Squint Eye Treatment Ayurveda

Squint eye treatment ayurveda has multiple options ranging from home remedies to downright ayurvedic procedures that can help strengthen the eye muscles and help correct your vision. Let’s review the various ayurvedic treatment options for squint eyes, including dietary requirements, ayurvedic processes, and home remedies.

Ayurvedic Processes That Can Help With Squint

The aim of ayurvedic treatments is to reduce the strain on your eye muscles and strengthen them over time. The ayurvedic treatments listed below are not one-time treatments. They must be repeated regularly to ensure you get the necessary benefits.

  • Nethradhara: Nethradhara is a treatment process that involves pouring medicated liquid over the eyes of the patient over and over. The liquid is enriched with herbs and good ingredients that help strengthen the eye muscles. Nethradhara is a relatively simple ayurvedic procedure that, which is used to help patients with strabismus. First, patients must close their eyes while the liquid is pouring over them. Then, they are asked to open their eyes and blink while the liquid is poured. The medicinal herbs used in the liquid differ for various eye conditions.

Ayurvedic Dietary Advice

Changing your diet and adding some ingredients can also help strengthen your eyes. Ingredients like ghee or clarified butter are known to be very helpful for people having squint. Other food items like fruits rich in Vitamin C should be added to your diet regularly. And lastly, you can also add Triphala powder to your diet daily, as it helps improve the strength of your eye muscles and nerves.


Squint Treatment Without Surgery

The treatment options listed above are home remedies and focus on lifestyle changes and exercises. The following treatments that will be discussed are more medically advanced and require the help of medical professionals to take you through the process. The section is called squint treatment without surgery because squint treatment with surgery is the last resort that experts suggest when all the other treatment options fail.

However, thanks to our expertise and experience in treating strabismus cases with varying complexities, we at Sanjeevan don’t believe in suggesting dangerous surgery to our patients. Our non-surgical and non-invasive therapeutic treatments have shown visible results for all our patients over time. So, what are the treatment options we offer at Sanjeevan? Let’s discuss them.

Vision Therapy for Squint Treatment

Vision therapy for squint treatment is one of the most effective non-invasive treatment options for strabismus. This procedure is equally effective for children and adults alike. The treatment focuses on using a variety of exercises and medical aids to strengthen the eye muscles of the weak eye. And in the process, it improves symptoms of squint like double vision, problems with depth perception, 3D vision, and cosmetic appearance of the pupils.

The treatment process is continuous even though results can be noticed after the first few appointments. One of the best parts of vision therapy is that it is evolving and incorporating the latest and best new technology, like VR. Today, with the help of VR, you can even get vision therapy treatment from home. Check out the official website to learn more about vision therapy treatment at Sanjeevan.

Prisms for Squint Treament

Prisms are very effective at treating double vision in patients. This makes it a popular choice for use in the treatment of squint too. People going through strabismus often suffer from double vision, which could lead to amblyopia and permanent loss of vision in the weak eye. Prisms are used in glasses and use their refractive properties to help correct double vision and train your eye.

Since strabismus causes one of your eyeballs to turn inward or outward, it causes problems in your vision. Doctors calculate the difference angle between your eyes and correct that using prism glasses. How is that done? When one of the eyes is displaced, causing double vision, prisms are used to refract the light entering your affected eye to correct its vision and stop double vision from occurring.

This is done by calculating the difference angle and creating prism glasses made precisely to the degree of difference. It is much like prescription glasses only these glasses help you stop the double vision. Over time, these glasses can help you strengthen your eye, train it to be stronger, and correct its cosmetic and visual errors.

Corrective Eyewear for Squint Treatment

Corrective eyewear for squint refers to lenses or glasses like prism glasses that help correct the symptoms of squint eyes. Corrective lenses are the more appropriate choice of corrective eyewear for squint treatment. These lenses correct the refractive error between your eyes and help correct the vision.

As lenses, they are hands-free and become invisible after wearing them for a while. Lenses are also great for adults and children alike and can help significantly reduce the symptoms of squint. The main benefit of using corrective lenses is that it drastically reduces eye strain, which will inevitably reduce headaches and nausea caused by squint.

Eye Patching for Squint Treatment

One of the simplest and most effective squint treatment options comes with just blocking the good eye and forcing the weak eye to develop itself without a point of reference. This is achieved by putting an eye patch over the good eye. This treatment process is widely used among children with strabismus. However, in adults, it has limited success.

Doctors use special blocking glasses and patches to block the good eye completely. Then the child is asked to do normal daily tasks to train their eyes and strengthen the eye muscles. The sessions start small with only 20-30 minutes of eye patching and range upto a few hours a day. Initially, blocking the good eye can seriously affect your child’s eyesight, so it is advised that parents don’t try this process at home and instead take professional help under a controlled environment.

Combination Therapies for Squint Treatment

At Sanjeevan, to ensure our patients get visible results after starting treatment, we use a combination of the treatment options mentioned above to create dedicated treatment plans curated to each patient’s specific case. Given that no two patients have a similar degree of strabismus, this personalised approach helps us treat our patients efficiently with visible results in the shortest time possible.

Additionally, combination therapies for squint are very effective for treating adults with strabismus who have lived their entire life with the problem or are just developing the condition now. At Sanjeevan, we put a significant focus on Vision therapy combined with simple home remedy exercises that our patients can practice at home. For patients with serious problems that affect their daily life, we tend to suggest corrective lenses and prism glasses combined with exercises and vision therapy aid their symptoms as soon as possible.

You can learn more about our combination therapy treatment options for Squint by visiting our clinic or contacting us through our website.


Choosing the Right Squint Treatment

As a patient suffering from squint or having someone you know suffer from strabismus, it is best that you don’t come with a preconceived idea of the treatment you want to avail. This is mainly because, at Sanjeevan, doctors and experts analyse your case and create a treatment plan with goals for you. So, if you are trying to avail a treatment that doesn’t suit your requirement, it would just lead to drainage of money and time with little to no noticeable results.

So, if you or your loved ones are going through strabismus, visit our clinic today and let our doctors and experts help you towards a better tomorrow with corrected vision. We are experienced in treating people with strabismus of all ages and can help you correct the cosmetic errors of your eye over time. Visit our website to learn more about our squint treatment process, or book an appointment today to consult with our experts.