* Name of patients changed to maintain their privacy


  • Mr. Raj Prakash | 19 years | July 2008 | Exophoria

    I was rejected in class 1 medicals for pilots in between the training period, a moment when I was shocked to the core. I did some other treatment which was not that effective. But I never lost hope, and no one should. Then my friend told me about this place and I did a treatment of around 2 months. I had exophoria with a deviation of 12 prism which now is almost nil. The staffs are really friendly, the doctors are ready to help. They treated me like their son, honestly. Becoming a pilot is a dream for me and they are not just doctors, they make your dream come true.
    The key is, keep faith in the treatment, believe that you are getting healed, always keep smiling. I really appreciate Dr. K.K.Goyal and Mrs. Suman Goyal for what they are doing. I am immensely thankful to them and all the staffs at Sanjeevan.

  • Ms. Swapnali | 8 years | May 2006

    Ms. Swapnali is 8 Years old girl presented in school camp had divergent squint of 35-40 degrees and BCVA OD 6/36 & OS 6/60; which was not improving with glass or Pinhole, First examination was done on 13th February, after one month of treatment with Dr. K.K.Goyal at SANJEEVAN School for perfect eye sight examined revealed 6/6, 6/6 both eyes with residual 8-10 of divergent squint.

  • Mr. Hitesh Patel | 21 years | August 2010

    I received my medical report by health care than I went to Dr. K.K.Goyal clinic. He told me that there is some problem with my right eye and I am suffering from Exophoria/Squint and I have to wear the glasses so I was upset and didn’t know what to do now?
    Then I came to know about Sanjeevan and this problem can be solved without Glasses.
    So I was happy I went to Sanjeevan and met Dr. S.Goyal. She told me if you take treatment perfectly you can solve this problem so I started taking treatment on 16/8/2012.

    Every day I had taken treatment very perfectly, then after 7 days my Exophoria problem was solved that too without glasses.

    So I really thank Dr. K.K.Goyal and Dr. S. Goyal. I am so happy with my treatment in Sanjeevan and also very very thanks to all staff of “Sanjeevan”. Staff is very good, so thanks to all.

    I was taking treatment in sanjeevan. I really feel like my home in sanjeevan while taking treatment.
    All the staff is like my family member.