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  • Chandrasekhar B. | 31 years | May 2018
    I had came here with Lazy Eye and Retina problem. My vision was low in both the eyes. I went to many hospitals but there was no improvement. Then I came to Sanjeevan & within 1month of treatment I had noticed remarkable improvement in my vision.Now I can see a better vision.
    I am really thankful to Dr K.K Goyal, Suman madam & the staff of ‘Sanjeevan’ for the co-operation, attention and patience.
  • Jaspreet Kaur Buttar | 33 years | April 2018

    My left eye was a lazy eye with vision 6/18. I must have done about 20 sessions so far & my vision now in the left eye is 6/9. Really happy with the improvement. All thanks to the doctors and the girls helping with the exercises.


  • Tanush Eepa | 4.5 years | June 2018

    Tanush was diagnosed with amblyopia in his left eye in April, 2018. He has undergone a trauma of patching & glasses for more than 3 months until we found out Sanjeevan for perfect eyesight with natural vision therapy.

    I came to know about this thing through internet & spoke to Dr. Goyal. As he given confidence & assured 100% cure for amblyopia, we have decided to come here.

    We have undergone treatment here for 6 days this vision has improved & we will continue this for another month until he gets 6/6.
    This is very Natural treatment with vision therapy which does not have any side effects. We got rid of specs. Dr and Staff are friendly.
    It would be more helpful if you have branches in Banglore/Hyderabad as it would br convient to people like us. Hope to see more branches soon so that more people get awarness about this.
    We have already recommended to one of our friends who have consulted here for treatment already.

  • Vivek Yadav | 23 years | January 2017

    You may have heard that “Amblyopia” is incurable at later stage of life. But from my opinion, it is not a valid fact. It can be cured at any stage of life. Amblyopia or lazy eye can be 100% teated at Sanjeevan for perfect eyesight.
    I had come here with a lazy left eye having very poor vision (6/60, +4 Hypermetropia) and coming here is life changing event for me. Sanjeevan is the best school I have ever gone to and Dr. K. K. Goyal and Suman mam are the best teachers or I’ll say “legends in their field”. They have not only saved my career but also cured my lazy eye. I practiced for 80 days and results at the end were 6/9 partial in my left eye. I am very thankful to Dr. K. K. Goyal and Suman mam.
    Besides this, I cannot ignore the work done by the staff. Sanjeevan staff is very caring and co-operative in every sense. These people are the building block of Sanjeevan. They are working sincerely and rigorously and doing a fabulous social work. I am glad that I was under their supervision. Thanks to all (Pramila ji, Apeksha, Swati, Krutika, Smita, Sharmila, Meenaji and not the least Hitlal bhai.
    You may have heard that Amblyopia (lazy eye) in adults cannot be treated successfully. But I totally disagree with this long held belief. Amblyopia treatment in adults is not age dependent but requires more efforts and dedication.
    My Case
    I got a decent job in an esteemed oil company. Before joining, they took my medical examination. For the first time in 22 years, I got to know that I had amblyopia. They declared me unfit for the job stating that it cannot be cured. After that, I consulted 3 ophthalmologists (eye doctor0 and the response was negative only. Then I searched it online and got online and got a link Sanjeevan for perfect eyesight. Then I contacted Dr. K.K. Goyal. He responded, “Yes, it can be treated”. That positivity and confidence in his voice prompted me to give it a try. I joined Sanjeevan on 7th January 2017. I started doing exercises prescribed to me and in a week I found out that it is actually working. I did my exercises for 160 days. Results are remarkable. When I came here, the eye conditions were: Vision acuity (Left eye) – far vision- 6/60, near vision- N36, Power- +4.00
    After completion of 160 days
    Vision acuity (left eye) far- Vision- 6/9p, near vision –N6, power- +1.00
    The company took my re-medical examination and declared me fit for the job.
    Goyal sir and Suman ma’am are entirely accountable for the successful treatment. I know I did my exercises sincerely and consistently. But without their guidance and teaching techniques, the improvement was unattainable. They are the best teachers or I say legends in their field.
    And last but not the least, the staff at Sanjeevan is very supportive and kind. They are doing a fabulous job. I show my gratitude to Goyal sir, Suman Ma’am and all the staff at Sanjeevan.

  • Maria Khan | 4 years | September 2006

    My daughter, amblyopic in both the eyes, has benefited tremendously from this course. Her vision has improved and she does not require glasses any more. What’s more she enjoyed herself very much the 10 odd days we were here. I thanks Dr. & Mrs. Goyal for taking care of her and I wish them both lots of luck in keeping up the good work I thank the staff too for their support. Thank you everyone from Me & Maria.

  • Ms.Disha Jaisinghani | 24 years | June 2008

    When I came to Sanjeevan, I was totally upset and depressed, the reason being my left eye had enlarged considerably and right became small. Also I had developed lazy eye and partial squint after LASIK. My left eye could see only 30% of what it should have normally seen. Well, after doing these exercises dedicatedly,my results are EXECELLENT. I can see everything clear and sharp. I personally want to thank everyone at Sanjeevan, including Dr. K.K. Goyal and Mrs. Goyal, staff-Anita, Ashwini everyone for taking such good care of me. Also Prapannaji who taught me to treat my eye like my kid and keep telling it everyday that “nothings wrong and everything will be fine”. Thank You Everyone here!!. Sanjeevan is really Boon to Mankind. Hey forgot to tell you that I will miss you guys once I am gone from here…Sanjeevan Rocks!!!

  • Mast. Abhijeet S | 5 years | April 2007

    I don’t have words to express my gratitude. The doctors here Dr. K.K.Goyal and his wife are so dedicated, devotional & religious in their duty I am really taken aback. The staffs cooperation is also very fine, they helped me a lot in learning my sons excercises.

    When I first came here, I had no hopes but to my utter surprise within a short span of 2 weeks, my sons right eyesight’s vision is better than ever. Now he is weaned off from his spectacles, which he used to wear from morning till night, this was a marvelous improvement.

    The food supplements which Dr. prescribed also helped his vision a lot. Since he did exercise even in Chennai ther wasn’t improvement, so the magic is exercises + Aloe vera is the key to each eyes vision success

  • Mast. Bhavesh Shinde | 11 years | July 2005 | Amblyopia with High Astigmatism

    Before joining Sanjeevan, I was a bit dubious. But believe me after joining , you will never regret instead you will realise that you are the luckiest person.I had a very high cylinder number with a lazy eye. But it was all treated. I am very thankful to this concerned staff and the Doctor who also help you in many ways. Provided you do what they say religiously,you are sure to be benefited.I venerate this family like God,take my words. I am the happiest person because I joined Sanjeevan.

  • Mast. Richard Fernandes | 10 years | February 2005

    At the beginning I was very worried when I learnt my son was having a lazy eye. I approached many doctors and also went to Bombay hospital but all my efforts showed no improvement about my son’s eye. Then one day I happened to come across an advertisement about “Sanjeevan”. I enrolled my son here and from then onwards my son’s eye was improving.

    My son did all the exercises advised there regularly .The doctors and staff at ”Sanjeevan” were very hospitable and kind towards all the patients. The doctors and staff encouraged my son to keep exercising. My son eyesight improved and he also improved in his studies. Now we are very happy and I am contented. I shall be very grateful to“sanjeevan” and I pray that it will be very prosperous in the future.

  • Miss Sneha Sharma | 11 years | August 2011 | Amblyopia with Astigmatism

    During the course of routine checkup we came to know that my daughter is having eye sight problem and doctor recommended spectacles. Then we went to consult specialist at AIIMS, Delhi who told that she is having cylindrical minus number which is supposed to be progressive by the age. It was simply bolt from blue to us and we were very upset. Then my friend told me about “Sanjeevan For Perfect Eye-sight” and we contacted DrK.K.Goyal on phone. As discussed, we sent my daughter’s test report to him. Ongoing through test report Dr.Goyal told us not to worry and come to sanjeevan for treatment.

    We came here on 16th August 2011 and within 6 days of treatment we had noticed a remarkable improvement in the vision. We are really thankful to Dr K.K. and Suman Goyal and the entire staff of“Sanjeevan” for their co-operation, affection and patience.


    And here at sanjeevanall your impossible dreams come true

  • Mr. Pramod Nanwani | 23 years | July 2007

    My experience here was unbelievable. It is really a miracle because of my treatment here.
    I can continue with the carrier of my choice. Basically my life is mad Because of the treatment.
    In just 2 weeks I became perfectly fine.
    Thank you so much for giving me my life back
    I even got a medical certificate from Dr S.k. (DGCA and F.A.A) recognized doctor
    Thank to Dr K.K.Goyal and Dr Suman Goyal.
    Thank you to the entire staff of “Sanjeevan”